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Ken Rowe
Landfill CQA Supervision Experience

The Consultancy

"Hi! I'm Ken Rowe. I'm an independent consultant working in the waste management industry. We have just created this brand new web site which I plan to use as a showcase of the types of work we provide across a wide range of clients in the United Kingdom and Ireland."

Although our work experience is wide, it all centres on Landfill Construction Quality Assurance and Ken Rowe's COTC (Certificate of Technical Competance) qualification and experience.

In addition to landfill development supervisory skills Ken is regularly engaged by waste landfilling companies to manage landfill operations, and has a reputation for successfully troubleshooting the management of landfills.

A particular skill offered is his ability to resolve issues of non-compliance with the Waste Management Licence/Landfill Permit staff of the the regulatory authorities, and most of his time is spent on site carrying out site management on the ground. Similarly with Construction Quality Control Work Ken spends most of his time with the contractor's personnel on site, supervising the work on the site.

Landfill CQA - Geotextile placing in progress before sub-soil placement.

Also In This Web Site

The waste industry provides an essential service to the public, and is changing rapidly. It is changing into a high investment and highly managed industry.

Europe-wide all landfills, despite still being referred to by many as tips (or even "dumps") must comply with the EU Landfill Directive. They are designed and operated to comply with strictly enforced regulations and all waste must be pre-treated to reduce its impact on the environment.

" All the landfill work we do is to the highest standards, and a great deal of time, money, effort and ingenuity is applied to the technologies used and to develop and improve the way we do things. These efforts are largely unsung and unappreciated by the public at large."

We thought that it was high time for us to do our bit to build a web site which will also include information and educational areas to inform the public and in some small way to raise public awareness of the many recent advances in landfilling.

The first of these case studies of some of our previous projects with a captioned movie slideshow is here, intended to provide simple jargon-free technical explanations for the average person to understand.

Ken Rowe - The CV

WAMITAB – COTC – LS4 -Landfill Operations (Special Waste);
Associate Membership – Chartered Institute of Wastes Management.


  • 10 years experience in all aspects of landfill management operations, engineering, lining, capping, and restoration;
  • Provider of CQA supervision for capping and engineering works;
  • Conversant with mineral liners and flexible membrane liner (FML) geo-engineering systems;
  • CQA Engineer – Specific Duties Carried Out

Review and implementation:

  • CQA Plan specifications and methodology, Working Plan, Application Documents, and Manufacturer’s installation instructions and recommendations;
  • Liase with client, site management and contractors accordingly;
  • Notify any deviations of installation methodology from those approved;
  • Check and supervise delivery, unloading and on-site transport of materials;
  • Take samples of FML at specified frequencies;
  • Monitor deployment and emplacement on FML/geo-synthetic in-line with CQA Plan and manufacturers installation specification;
  • Monitor and check panel thickness and overlap against specification;
  • Identify, mark up, monitor and record all repair operations;
  • Carry out visual walkover inspections checking placement, overlap, and for any tears damage or protrusions;
  • Attend all Site Progress Meetings and where deemed necessary or requested, Environment Agency on -site inspections;
  • Prepare and submit daily reports summarising quantities of geo-synthetics used, weather conditions, plant employed and any other relevant information;
  • Photo-record the progress of installation operations throughout the contract;
  • Prepare, mark up, record and dispatch samples for laboratory testing.

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